简介 Introduction

简介 Introduction

当我们谈及 Azure Storage 时,是在谈及 Azure 的几乎所有的存储方案。Azure Storage 是一个平台(platform)。1

Azure Storage 核心服务有:1

  • Azure Blobs: A massively scalable object store(对象存储) for text and binary data. Also includes support for big data analytics through Data Lake Storage Gen2.

    Azure Blobs 又叫做 Azure Blob storage

  • Azure Files: Managed file shares for cloud or on-premises deployments.

  • Azure Queues: A messaging store for reliable messaging between application components.

  • Azure Tables: A NoSQL store for schemaless storage of structured data.

  • Azure Disks: Block-level storage volumes for Azure VMs(虚拟机).



问:Azure Blobs、Azure Files、Azure Disks 选择哪一个使用。

答: 程序开发时,一般都使用 Azure Blobs,除非有什么特殊需求。

延伸阅读 See also

  • Azure updates: Azure Storage 最近更新内容
  • Azure Blob Storage documentation: Azure Blob Storage is Microsoft's object storage solution for the cloud. Blob storage is optimized for storing massive amounts of unstructured data.

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